Restore Local Sovereignty to

Upstate New York!

New York City has taxed us out of our homes and our businesses. Our values are ignored and our resources are shipped downstate where we never see the benefits. Help me split New York into 3 autonomous self-governing regions  – sign the petition and tell Governor Cuomo and New York City we’ve had enough!

Our Mission and Vision

The time is past due, we deserve to govern ourselves as is our God-given right. Split the state, the people deserve and demand it.

Our Mission

Finally unshackle the regions of New York that are subjected to decisions and rule from New York City with a different value structure and way of life.

Proper Reflection of Ideals

Allow local rule to return to the state which has been so ideologically and politically dominated by the city for decades.

Three Autonomous Regions

Split New York State into three unique regions (New Amsterdam, Montauk, New York), allowing each area to be operated more in line with the needs of its population.

Governmental Autonomy

Each region would elect its own governor, legislature and judicial wing, and be responsible for its own management.

Deciding Our Own Fate

We should not be burdened with laws and regulations that have no thought to our economic situation or how we live our lives.

A New York State For All

Main Street in East Aurora is a totally different world than the center of Manhattan, and our people have the right to make their own decisions.

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